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Manito Tiny-but-Mighty Kitchen


The Manito Tiny-but-Mighty Kitchen earned her stripes, persevering during a pandemic when job insecurities were plentiful and extra dollars were not. Plans that originally included a small addition, bumping out the East wall to both incorporate the screened porch and supplement the footprint with a few extra square feet were reined in to take full advantage of the existing 4 walls and none new. We did our best to join two seemingly impossible ends: open and airy with floating shelves and as much storage space as possible. This meant utilizing a "cubby" space above the adjoining dining room hutch for small appliances, adding a tall pantry cabinet with pull-out shelves for food storage, and making sure our blind corners had extendable shelves for full accessibility. Finally, we wanted to keep some old-world charm but add some modern conveniences. I think it turned out just right, don't you?

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