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Palouse Master Bedroom

Master bedroom bed 2.jpg

Given the "antique" vibe of this not-so-old, old farmhouse, we opted for decor that would feel congruent with the overall architecture and finishes of the home. Instead of brand new everything, to accommodate both style and budget, we sourced many pieces from Craigslist--like these two, similarly sized but not "matchy-matchy" chests to serve as nightstands. The asymmetrical shape of this room did not lend itself well to art or other framed pieces above the headboard, so we elected instead to carry the shiplap through from the entryway and dining room to create texture and dimension, but keep the colors light and airy. The two farmhouse signs bracketing the french doors into the bathroom are quotes the homeowners exchanged when they got engaged. Personal pieces, as well as mixed-era vintage pieces give the space a timeless and unique feel. 



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