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Supreme Court "Bedroom on a Budget"

Bedroom on a budget side.jpg

The "Bedroom on a Budget" project had a budget of "under $1000." Our client had already purchased the bed, linens, and window coverings, and but felt stuck after the purchase. We were brought in to help finish the space but in a way that gave them a unique, yet slightly modern look but without blowing the bank. We again opted for sourced pieces, some from Craigslist, some from our warehouse in order to cut some costs. Because the bed was already dark, we opted for a contrasting "feature wall" of board and batten, with wall mounted swing arms instead of lamps which might take up too much space on the nightstands. A fluffy sheepskin gives texture the space and spruces up the old carpet that is waiting to be replaced. For just a couple hundred dollars and a can or two of paint, we transformed this space from cramped and cluttered to sleek and cozy modern. 



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